What Size Split System Do I Need?

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When summer hits and it gets really hot, split system air conditioners can be your best friend to keep cool. But, it's super important to pick the right sized air conditioner for your needs. If it's too big, you'll end up paying too much on your energy bills. If it's too small, it won't cool your room properly.

So, choosing the right size air conditioning units isn’t just about staying cool, it’s also about saving money. Understanding the importance of the right size split systems helps make sure you’re comfortable all summer without spending too much.

Understanding The Split System Air Conditioner

When the sun is beating down, a split system air conditioner can help keep your home cool and comfy and provide you with greater air quality. This kind of cooler has two main parts:

  • The indoor unit, which is typically mounted on a wall. The indoor unit filters and cools the indoor air before recirculating it throughout your room. It draws heat from the indoor environment and transfers it to the refrigerant.
  • The outdoor unit, fixed to the outside wall of your home, sends this absorbed heat out into the atmosphere. Outdoor units of split systems include vital components like the compressor, condenser coil, and fan, and play an essential role in the refrigeration cycle that cools the indoor air.

Having a split system air conditioning unit at your place comes with some cool benefits compared to other types like portable air conditioners or a big house-wide ducted system:

  • It’s quieter because the noisy part sits outside.
  • It cools rooms quicker than what portable air conditioners are capable of doing.
  • You don’t need ducts running through your walls, making it easier to install and less messy than ducted systems.

So, picking a split system means you get a cooler home with improved indoor air quality and quiet operation!

split system indoor unit fixed to the top corner of a wall

Assessing Your Split System Needs

Think of getting a split system air conditioner like getting a new pet. You would want one that fits perfectly in your home, right? The big part of this fit is the room size and floor space. Larger rooms with more floor space require larger air conditioners to spread the coolness all around.

Just as that new pet needs the right amount of exercise for its size, the room size will determine the necessary air conditioner capacity to suitably condition the air. For example, if you’re installing split system air conditioning in a large room and want to keep that room sufficiently cooled or heated, you’re going to need a stronger AC.

Ceiling Height

Ceiling height also plays a role in deciding the right size air conditioner. Imagine a short dog trying to catch a treat in a tall cupboard, impossible, right? In the same way, a room that is short on square metres can be cool with a smaller AC size. However, for a tall room, you need a more powerful unit.

Having multiple rooms to cool is like having several dogs to walk. You need to decide whether you want to walk them separately (get multiple smaller ACs) or all at once (get a larger AC unit). It’s all about finding the best strategy for a cool and comfy summer.

Determining the Right Size Air Conditioner

When you want to buy a split system air conditioner, think about it like choosing the right backpack for school. You need one that fits just right. To find out what size you need, start by using a measuring tape to figure out the room size in square metres – just like you would measure your books to see if they fit in your backpack.

Now, think about other factors such as how sunny your room is. Sunlight exposure matters a lot. If one of your room walls is facing where the sun comes up (a south-facing wall), the room will get hotter and you’ll need a bigger air conditioner, just like you would need a bigger water bottle for a sunny day.

Insulation can Affect Your Split System

If your room is well-insulated, it will keep cool air in and hot air out. That’s good because it means you can buy a smaller minimum capacity air conditioner and still have it be an effective cooling solution. In the same way that a thermos keeps your drink cold, insulation keeps your room cool, which is better for keeping your air conditioner from working too hard and it helps in energy efficiency impact.

Lastly, every room is different, like every class in school needs different supplies. So your cooling needs for different rooms will change. Your bedroom might be small and easy to cool, but your living room might be way bigger, like needing more snacks (i.e. more energy) for a longer class. Remember, it’s all about getting what’s just right for the space!

Factors Affecting Air Conditioner Size Selection

When picking the right split system air conditioner, it’s like choosing the perfect ice cream on a hot day. Here are some scoops to consider:

  • Cooling systems capacity: This is about how good the air conditioner is at turning warm air into cool air. It’s super important because:
    • More power can cool a bigger room.
    • Too much power in a small room can make it too cold.
    • Not enough power means your room won’t get cool enough.
  • Ceiling height and cooled air distribution: High ceilings mean there’s more air in the room that needs cooling. It’s like trying to fill a tall glass with lemonade; you’ll need more lemonade to fill it. So, with higher ceilings, you need an air conditioner that can handle more air.
  • Actual size versus desired temperature: Picking the size of your air conditioner isn’t just about the size of your room but also about how cool you want it. Imagine wearing a small jacket on a slightly chilly day is fine, but on a super cold day, you’d want a big, warm coat. So, if you want your room cool, you may need to install larger capacity split system air conditioners.

Understanding these “scoops” helps you pick just the right size air conditioner, making sure you stay cool without wasting money on an oversized unit or sweating with an undersized one.

Expert Insights on Split System Air Conditioners

Picking the right split system air conditioner is easier with help from air conditioning specialists. They’re like your personal guides in the world of heating and cooling.

If your house is on the older side, like a classic car, it needs special care. Older homes may have quirks that affect how well modern air conditioners fit or work.

Thanks to the evolving air conditioning system, newer AC units can auto-adjust to your room’s needs. Much like how a smartwatch adjusts its brightness outside. This tech evolution means you might not need as big an air conditioner as you thought.

Finding the perfect air conditioner means looking for the Goldilocks option: not too big, not too small, but just right!

Split system outdoor unit attached to the outside wall of a red bricked home

Achieving Efficiency and Comfort

When you’re looking for that perfect split-system air conditioner, think about how you can stay cool without wasting energy or money. Here’s how:

  • Cooling capacity to avoid waste and improve energy efficiency:
    • Pick the right air conditioner size for your room to use less electricity.
    • A too-big air con system cools fast but wastes energy; a just-right one saves money.
    • Efficient models cool your room without a scary electric bill.
  • Proper sizing to regulate temperatures:
    • Measure your room so the AC can perfectly match its size.
    • Correct size means your room stays at the comfy temperature you want.
    • Avoids the “too hot, too cold” puzzle, giving steady comfort.

Getting a suitable cooling capacity without excess running costs means:

  • Enjoying a cool room without overspending.
  • Picking an AC that fits your space, and saves both energy and money.
  • Staying comfy in summer while keeping your wallet happy.

Instead of choosing an oversized air conditioner that might waste power or a smaller capacity model that ultimately won’t heat or cool the room effectively, aim for that sweet spot in the middle. Find the air conditioner you need that’s just the right size for your room. This way, you stay cool, save energy, and don’t spend too much.

Wrap-up and Final Thoughts

So, when you’re ready to pick a split system air conditioner, it’s like choosing the perfect pair of shoes. They need to fit just right – not too big, not too small – for you to be comfy. Just remember, the right size AC will cool your room nicely without working too hard or using too much energy. This is how you get comfort, efficiency, and longevity – which means your AC will last a long time and won’t cost you a bunch of money each month.

Before saying yes to a new air conditioner, it’s smart to talk with an air conditioning specialist. Thankfully, After Hours Air Conditioning is here to help. They’ll help you find the AC that fits your room the best. Think of it as getting the best homework help before the biggest test. Reach out, and you’ll be set for a cool summer!

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See After Hours Air Conditioning’s Terms & Conditions here.

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