How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Split System

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Split system air conditioners have become a popular choice for both homeowners and businesses across Australia. Offering a perfect blend of versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, split system units are tailored to fit the needs of a single room or an expanded area with minimal maintenance.

With brands like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Panasonic at the forefront, these units are celebrated for their innovative features. Let’s delve into how you can get the best out of your split system aircon, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency year-round.

Understanding Your Split System Aircon

A split system air conditioner consists of two main components: the indoor unit, which delivers cool or warm air into the room, and the outdoor unit, which dissipates heat away from the building.

Together, these units work to maintain your desired temperature. To keep your system running smoothly, a basic understanding of its operations is essential.

Regular Maintenance: The Key to Efficiency

Regular maintenance of your split system is essential for enhancing its efficiency. Let’s look at some of the maintenance tasks you can easily perform on your own, and those that might require a professional hand.

  • Keep filters clean: Your split system aircon’s filters are a prime candidate for regular check ups and cleaning. Dirty filters not only reduce airflow but also force your aircon to work harder – reducing its overall efficiency and increasing energy use.
  • Inspect outdoor units: Ensuring the outdoor unit of your split system is in top shape is equally important. Regularly clear leaves, dust, and debris from its vicinity to allow easy heat dissipation and enhance overall performance.
  • Schedule professional servicing: A comprehensive servicing by a certified technician should be scheduled at least once a year. This professional can thoroughly check the refrigerant levels, inspect for leaks, and make sure all electrical components are working correctly.

Optimise Your Settings for Efficiency

Using your split system correctly is another step towards maintaining its efficiency. These are some settings and features that can significantly impact your aircon’s performance.

  • Use the right temperature settings: Find a comfortable temperature setting and stick to it. Constantly changing the temperature forces the unit to adjust repeatedly, which can reduce efficiency.
  • Take advantage of timers and modes: Leverage the built-in timers and energy-saving modes available in most split system air conditioners to save energy costs and improve efficiency.

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Installing Your Split System Aircon Correctly

Effective installation plays a big role in enhancing your aircon’s performance. Here are some essential factors to consider during installation.

  • Choose the right size: Before purchase, ensure your unit is correctly sized for the room. A unit that’s too small won’t cool or heat effectively, while one that’s too large can lead to unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Consider the location: The position of both indoor and outdoor units affects performance. Avoid installing them in areas where they might be exposed to direct sunlight or obstructed by furniture.
  • Hire professionals: Always hire qualified professionals for installation. They’ll know the best placement for both units to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance with all regulations.

Professional Split System Installation and Maintenance

Investing in professional split system installation and maintenance services can significantly increase your air conditioning system’s sustainability and lifespan while ensuring optimum performance.

  • Importance of professional installation: Professional installation guarantees correct sizing, placement, and connection of all components, improving both efficiency and lifespan of your aircon.
  • Reap the benefits of regular maintenance: Professional maintenance includes comprehensive inspection, filter cleaning, coolant level checks and more, making certain that your split system operates at peak efficiency.
  • Hiring the best technicians: After Hours Air Conditioning is one of the most reliable technicians you can trust with your split system installation and maintenance. They offer top-notch services to ensure your aircon delivers optimal performance.

Upgrading to a More Efficient Model

Choosing to update your system to a more efficient model can bring substantial benefits. Let’s see how to go about this.

  • Research the best brands: Leading brands like Mitsubishi Electric are synonymous with efficiency and quality. Researching which brands offer the best prices for the most efficient units is a smart move.
  • Look for Energy Star ratings: Models with high Energy Star ratings are more energy-efficient, meaning they use less power to produce the same amount of heat or cooling.

The Benefits of a High-Efficiency Split System Aircon

A decision to invest in a high-efficiency split system aircon is one that pays off in multitudes. Not only does it meet your cooling and heating needs but it also offers a raft of more benefits, making it an easy choice for any home or business.

  • Lower energy bills: A more efficient air conditioner can significantly reduce your energy bills by consuming less electricity.
  • Better for the environment: Efficient split systems contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly choice.
  • Enhanced comfort: High-efficiency units often come with improved technologies that ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels for unparalleled comfort.

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Tips to Maintain an Ambient Temperature

You don’t need to constantly crank up your aircon to maintain a comfortable temperature in your space. Here are some energy-efficient tips to keep your space at the desired temperature, helping your aircon work efficiently.

  • Insulate your space: Proper insulation is essential to maintain your desired temperature with minimal energy expenditure. Check windows and doors for drafts and consider double-glazing windows.
  • Use curtains and blinds: Use curtains and blinds to block out hot sunlight during summer months and to keep heat in during the winter.
  • Don’t forget the fans: Fans can assist in circulating air, which helps to maintain a comfortable environment more efficiently. In cooler months, reverse ceiling fans can push warm air down.

Enjoy Efficient Comfort at Home

Improving the efficiency of your split system air conditioner isn’t just about one aspect − it’s a combination of upkeep, smart usage, correct installation, and choosing the right unit for your needs.

Embrace these practices and enjoy a cool or warm, efficient comfort within your home, courtesy of your split system aircon. Remember, investing in a high-quality system from the best brands (like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Panasonic) is a decision that pays off in both comfort and savings.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See After Hours Air Conditioning’s Terms & Conditions here.

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